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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How many hours do I get for my event?

A: Eight hours with additional hours available.  


Q: Can we bring in our own alcohol?
A: No outside alcohol is allowed. You can purchase Natchez Hills Vineyard wine, domestic or craft
beer and wine cocktails.


Q: Will your staff orchestrate all set-up/take down?
A: Yes, the Natchez Hills Winery staff will take care of the set-up/take down of all items included in
the facility rental as well as any additional décor rented through Natchez Hills Winery. Any additional décor is the client’s responsibility.


Q: How many guests can you accommodate?

A: Natchez Hills Vineyard can accommodate up to 600 guests in the Vineyard. We can accommodate up to 150 guests inside the Event Hall.

Q: Can we decorate earlier then venue rental times on the contract?
A: Yes, you can rent additional hours.

Q: What clean-up are we responsible for?
A: You are responsible for any personal items or items from outside vendors.


Q: Do you offer weddings on Friday nights, weekdays, or days other than Saturdays at your location?

 A: Weddings are offered on the weekend only.


Q: Do you offer all-inclusive event packages?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you have back-up rain options if I choose to have a wedding and/or reception at Natchez Hills Winery?
A:  We offer indoor event center or tent options.


Q: Do you have indoor wedding options?

A: We offer an indoor event center or tent options. 


Q: Do you have indoor wedding options?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you have any required vendors?
A: For all-inclusive weddings we provide vendors.
Q: Do you have private bridal suites?

A: Yes.


Q: Is there ample parking and easy access for my guests?
A: Yes. A parking attendant is included for all weddings.
Q: Do children count as a guest?
A: All children must be accompanied by and under the direct supervision of parents or other
guardians at all times while attending an event at Natchez Hills Winery. You may consider special
seating or programs for children attending your ceremony and reception. Children count as a guest if
they will occupy a chair. Only infants under 2 years old who are held by a parent do not count as a
Q: Are there restrictions regarding pets?
A: We allow therapy dogs.


Q: Is there a fee to take professional photos on your property?
A: If your wedding is booked with us, there is no charge.
Q: Do you have a smoking policy?
A: As a Vineyard, Natchez Hills Winery is a non-smoking facility. Outdoor smoking areas will be
designated to accommodate smokers. Damages to linens and furnishings resulting from cigarette or
cigar burns will be deducted from your security deposit equal to the full cost of the damaged item.
Q:  Is there a damage/cleaning deposit required?
A:  A refundable damage/cleaning deposit of $500.00 is required 1 month prior to the wedding in
the form of a check that is only cashed in the event of damage occurring to the facility or if additional
cleanup is required as a result of the event.


Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?
A: In the event of a cancellation, fees paid to date are non-refundable unless the date is rebooked by
another party.  If the date for a cancelled event is rebooked by another party for an event priced
equal to or greater than the value of the cancelled event, the fees paid to date are refundable one
week after the event occurs. In addition to the non-refundable fees, a cancellation fee of $500 will
also be applied. Refunds will not be made due to bad weather.
Q: What happens if we change our wedding date?
A: If you change your event date more than six months before your contracted date, we will transfer
all deposits and payments to the new date. If you request a change of date within six months of your
reserved date, the change will be treated as a cancellation and subject to our cancellation and refund
policy. A new contract will be required to rebook a date.
Q: What happens if Natchez Hills Winery is not able to provide services for my wedding?
A: Should a wedding have to be cancelled or re-scheduled for a Natchez Hills emergency, unforeseen
Natchez Hills facility problem, un-related to weather, Natchez Hills Winery will refund all funds and
absorb any costs related to re-scheduling your event at Natchez Hills Winery. If an alternate venue
must be booked, Natchez Hills Winery will forward all funds paid and assist in the transition. We
recommend event cancellation insurance to cover losses or extra expenses incurred due to severe
weather, available through
Q: Who is liable for damages and/or injuries?
A: Natchez Hills Winery maintains corporate liability insurance; however, you are jointly and
severally liable for all injuries and/or damages to guests, family, the wedding party and vendors,
their representatives, agents, and employees attending the event for which you are contracting the
use and services of  Natchez Hills Winery – both during attendance at the event and, in the case of
alcohol consumption, subsequent to their departure from the event – and you hold Natchez Hills
Winery harmless from any and all liability associated with damages and/or injuries associated with
the event. We recommend the purchase of event liability insurance through
Q: Is event insurance required?
A: Although not a requirement of booking Natchez Hills Winery, we strongly recommend the
purchase of a one-day event liability and property damage policy, and event cancellation insurance to
protect you from any potential losses. These policies can be secured online within a few minutes, are
very reasonably priced and will cover losses from personal or property damages or extra expenses
incurred due to severe weather, sudden illness or withdrawal of military leave. Details are specified
online at

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